Shorthand Awards

Every year, we celebrate the best-of-the-best digital content on the web.

Award categories

  • Best editorial story

    This category champions the best news and editorial content, from longform analysis to urgent op-eds

  • Best brand story

    Nominate exciting, visual marketing stories that tell brand narratives well

  • Best not-for-profit story

    For the best examples of non-profit organisations moving hearts and minds with digital content on the web

  • Best business story

    Written a stunning report? Gone the extra mile with B2B stories or corporate comms? We want to see them!

  • Best education story

    Celebrating engaging, empowering, and vivid stories from across the education sectors

  • Best arts & culture story

    Show us the most beautiful stories across the realms of arts, culture, and heritage

  • Best agency/partner story

    Submit your proudest stories made in collaboration with other teams

  • Most innovative story

    For stories pushing the boundaries of traditional web content

  • The Craft award

    Give some love to the crafters: nominate a designer, writer, or leader who’s the best in their field

  • The community choice award

    Nominated by the Shorthand Team, this cross-category Award will be selected by an open public poll

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To nominate your own — or a colleague’s — story for one of the categories above, click the button below and fill out our form. You can submit multiple nominations, but all nominated stories must have been published in 2022.

About the Shorthand Awards

The Shorthand Awards were founded to recognise the best-of-the-best digital web content from around the world. The awards celebrate the craft of digital content creation — both the incredible stories and the people that create them.

Congratulations to all of our previous Shorthand Award winners!