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Transform your corporate communications with immersive digital stories.

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Beautiful internal comms

Engage your staff, shareholders, and board with internal communications as beautiful as the best digital stories on the web.

  • Shorthand is built for communications professionals. Get started immediately — no developers required.
  • With unlimited users and unlimited stories, you can scale your internal communications with confidence.
  • Add rich imagery, video, and no-code animations with our built in story sections.

Secure single sign-on

Publish beautiful internal communications behind your corporate authentication system.

  • Shorthand supports a growing range of services for SSO, including Google, Okta, Auth0, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Centrify, and GitHub.

Measure engagement

Use Shorthand’s built-in analytics engine, or plug in your own third-party tool to track and measure employee engagement with your stories.

  • With Shorthand Analytics, track page views, time-on-page, and story completion in a human-friendly interface.
  • Optionally add code for your third-party analytics platform — such as Google Analytics — to measure Shorthand alongside your other CMS content.

A secure solution

Trusted by some of the world’s largest companies, Shorthand has proven data security and privacy policies and procedures.

Learn more about security
“The stories we’re publishing now look simply beautiful. And now we're getting as many as 15 times the number of reads that we used to get. There's a general genuine buzz in the team about what we’re publishing. Shorthand has been transformational.”
Paul Abrahams | Head of Corporate Communications | RELX

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