Build stories with your entire team.

No seat limit

Include everyone who adds value to your stories, including designers, writers, editors… even managers.

  • Add as many users as you need, without worrying about plan upgrades or additional license fees.
  • Train and upskill new team members with Shorthand’s free webinars.

Clear permissions

Account administrators can easily audit and manage seat permissions. When staff leave, remove permissions with a click.

  • Give your colleagues rights to access all stories in a team — or assign permissions on a story-by-story basis.
  • Manage authentication with a growing range of services for SSO, including Google, Okta, Auth0, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Centrify, and GitHub (applicable plans only).

Story previews

Share draft stories using our preview URL, making it easy to collaborate and QA stories before they go live.

  • Allow colleagues and collaborators — including those outside of your Shorthand team — to view and check your story.
  • Showcase stories to stakeholders and managers before publishing them to your readers.
  • Multiple workspaces

    Manage multiple Shorthand workspaces across your teams and brands.

  • One-click invite

    Easily invite new team members to collaborate on stories — at no extra cost per seat.

  • Custom avatars

    Give your workspaces (and yourself) an avatar to make Shorthand feel like home.

“We're getting 15 times the number of reads that we used to get. There's a general genuine buzz in the team about what we’re publishing. There’s no way that was happening on the old website. Shorthand has been transformational.”
Paul Abrahams | Head of Corporate Communications | RELX

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