Customisation & Integration

Integrate third-party tools and your CMS.

Custom sections

Add custom JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to your stories to build out new story sections.

  • Paste JavaScript into your story’s custom HEAD to add custom analytics to your story.
  • Combine our flexible story types with custom CSS to create truly original stories.

Add interactive data and maps

Using custom JavaScript, integrate third party maps, charts, or data visualisations to create a truly interactive story.

  • Add a rich, interactive webmap for your readers — common implementations include Mapbox, Carto, Leaflet, and StoryMaps.
  • Embed a dynamic chart or visualisation from data platforms like Tableau and Flourish.

Complete documentation

Full, up-to-date, and human-readable documentation for Shorthand is available at Shorthand Support.

View support documentation

Story API

Use our Story API to programmatically access your stories and integrate with your CMS and custom plugins.

View API documentation
  • Inline custom HTML

    Add a custom HTML block right in a column of text.

  • Custom <head> code

    Add custom metadata tags to your story, or JavaScript you want to load first.

  • Custom development

    Our team can build out new themes and custom features for your stories.

“Using Shorthand has brought development time down from several weeks to a day or less. This means we can do many more projects than before. And time on page is always better than normal CMS stories. We’re getting some great results.”
Matt Martel | Photos and Presentation Director | Stuff

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